Shoes Insole Fisio Baby



Fisio Baby is designed for the correct development of your child's foot. Its studied morphology varies in growth sequence in shape and conformation according to the numbering of the shoe, to follow and guide in a natural way the cartilage-skeletal genesis of the child's foot during development.


This insole, certified and approved as a medical device, is the result of the expertise of a team of podiatrists with twenty years' experience in the treatment of foot disorders, with the aim of compensating for and reducing the onset in adulthood of disorders such as: Excess Cavus, Foot flatness, Consequent hammer toes, Hallux valgus or rigid, Calcaneal spur, Excess Pronation, Supination, Consequent postural imbalances involving Knee, Pelvis and Lumbosacral column. thicknesses 2.8 mm in sole; 6 mm in heel. Main features: Anatomic, Foam cushioning, Aloe additive. Composition: Polyether, 100% natural and metal-free leather lining. Suitable for all types of shoes.