Italian Saffron Maddalena - Petti - 0,1g



Maddalena Saffron is the one that Marisa Petti company makes in the area of the Taburno Valley, in Campania Region, in Southern ltaly.
The cultivation is located in the place of Frasso Talesino, inside the Regional Natural Park of Tabumo-Camposauro. In this landscape, the Petti Family is cultivating a pure and genuine Saffron, thanks to the excellent microclimate, in a combination with the family's full passion and commitment.

This is where the Maddalena Saffron comes from.


Maddalena Saffron is dried at a maximum temperature of 45°C, within the same day of harvestation, in order to save the original organoleptic qualities of the product.

Maddalena Saffron is dried and not roasted. That's why it is particularly suitable for high quality gastronomy.

It is not contaminated by resins and wood smells.

Maddalena Saffron has a very special and unique flavor, without smoked notes.

Maddalena Saffron is made according to traditional processes in order to obtain a natural product.
This is thanks to field rotations and due to the continuous attention Petti Family does during the all year.

Maddalena Saffron is transformed in house.
Petti Family touches and dries the flowers on the same day of harvestation to have a fresh and genuine final flavor.

Maddalena Saffron is packed by hand in order to not spoil the pistils and to keep the original shape flavor. This way, the final product will have an authentic and exclusive taste.