Italian Precious Black Truffle Sliced in Evo Oil 90g



The black truffle is the truffle of excellence. It is collected from November to March in the woods of the Sibillini mountains. This is a Preserves of black truffle.
The ready-made mixture is quick and easy to use, perfect for flavoring any dish:
pasta, bruschetta, meat, omelette, cream of potatoes and we leave room for your imagination, bringing to the table the true taste of the precious black truffle, without added flavorings.
The prized black truffle preserve is a genuine condiment composed of prized black truffle flakes, extra virgin olive oil and spices.


Energy value 175 Kcal 719 KJ, fats 16,9 of which satured 3,9 g, carboidrates 0,5 g of which sugars 0,4 g fibres 2,4, proteins 3,8 g, salt. 0,250 g.