Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Petti - 500ml



The Extra Virgin Olive Oil matches with all dishes ranging from white and red meat to vegetables, and from soups to fish.


The production of EVOO at Petti Farm is a family tradition, made in the area of Sant'Agata de Goti, in Campania Region.

The Petti olive grave is home to approximately 500 olive trees; half of them are secular, from the beginning of the 19th century. The olive varieties are Asprinia, Guardiola e Rovelle red and black.

The harvest takes place between the middle of October and the middle of December.

The production is traditional with a cold press process to ensure a healthy and genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtaining a final oil full of natural antioxidants with an authentic and enjoyable taste.

The Petti EVOO is an high quality product, 100% made in ltaly, in a fancy bottle 500 ml that is suitable for restaurants and delicatessen stores.