Industrial - Collection Chalice



Murano glass chalice made with the technique of lampworking. Uniting the technical ability to the tradition every chalice will be performed only with the centrifugal force and the manual ability of the artist without any support tools.


Attracted by the modern industrial design in New York style, the designer marta rossetto decides to design one of the most essential glasses of the artist. It will have a great success as it perfectly matches the fashion of the moment concerning the interior design. The chromatic choice reflects building materials present in furniture show roms. Metal and wood are the center of the idea, materials that surround us daily and that we do not always use to get the most out of them. Hence the eulogy to the poor or arte povera, in which is enclosed the concept of essentiality and artistic beauty. The colors of Murano glass used are inky black to obtain an almost metallic effect, very cold, which goes perfectly with a woody mustard. Weight of the work 90 grams. Height of the work: All the weights of the works change in case of order of a second twin piece as everything is handmade. All chalices have a weight of 100 grams or less and a height ranging from 18 cm to 25 cm.