Averno Orange Gourmet Jam

By Rosmood


It releases an intense perfume deriving from the essential oils of the peel. The taste is slightly acrid, satisfying the palate in search of intense and slightly spicy flavours. Excellent for breakfast, accompanied by tarts or cheesecake.


Ingredients: Orange, caster sugar, lemon juice, natural flavourings.

Traces of hazelnut may be present. Average nutritional values per 100 gr.

-Energy Value: Kcal 76.35,

- Fats g. 0.14,

- Carbohydrates g19.6,

- Protein g 0.53,

- Salt. G 79.45.

Jar of 200 gr.

To be consumed within 36 MONTHS from production.

After opening keep in refrigerator at +4 degrees.