Antracite - Collection Chalice



Murano glass chalice made with the technique of lampworking. Uniting the technical ability to the tradition every chalice will be performed only with the centrifugal force and the manual ability of the artist without any support tools.


The Calice Antracite was born from the research of colors of the designer Marta Rossetto, who, working side by side with the artist Aldo Boscolo, tries to push it to that thin line between possible and imaginary. In this way they succeeded in designing one of the most acclaimed Chalices, with simple and apparently dark colors.

An appearance that is swept away as soon as the chalice is exposed to direct light. At that very moment art screams. The dark colors turn into an aurora of colors, the black turns to purple and the petrol green turns into an opal white, like a graceful cloud.

The drinker changes, while the leg and the foot remain firm to their initial colors, thus creating an achromatic split out of the artistic conception of the manipulation of color into matter. The fusion of the glass to create the beverage must absolutely stay in a threshold between 1200 degrees, the operation of opening after blowing as in all other beverages is completely manual. The centrifugal force is the master and the level of fusion is lowered to 900 degrees.

All chalices have a weight of 100 grams or less and a height ranging from 18 cm to 25 cm.