This chalice is particularly dear to the artist's heart because the figure of the heron is one of the first to accompany the growth and development of the technique of master glassmaker Aldo Boscolo.

He used to practice from the earliest days, creating a multitude of herons of different shapes and colors, as he had a much greater chromatic and technical room for maneuver than other figures.

We can therefore say that the artist was born together with his heron, which became a symbol for itself of commitment and art.

In this particular chalice, in fact, he uses only a wand of transparent blue for the whole chalice, leg and foot, while he points the focus on the fantasy of the heron's feathers, to make the attention fall on the very subject that made him born as an artist.

The weight of this chalice is extremely low even though it has a full figure inside it as it is two-dimensional, disappearing almost completely when the chalice is rotated. Giving so the possibility to be exposed according to the taste of the customer.

H 30 cm

L 14 cm


Born from the customs and traditions of the place.

From the continuous search for human companionship.

It recalls the great evenings in the furnaces of Murano that became suggestive meeting places for luxury or traditional parties.

Master Aldo Boscolo's shots want to accompany those important evenings, and those refined liquors to a shot that has its own grit.

Sweeping away the banal digestive glasses in order to give a multi-sensorial experience to those who are going to have a digestive.

The line has endless color variations as one of the main traditions was to differentiate the glass in order not to confuse it as the evening goes on.

The technique used is always that of the glass "at the first shot", that is to say, the use only of the technique and of natural forces such as centrifugal force and blowing, no support tools other than a paddle to marbling the glass.

In the line shot sequence is found from the traditional design, with the typical "macce" in Italian stains, up to an innovative and unique design, in which it is blown together with the glass a leaf of silver '925 and finally brought to its oxidation, thus creating an effect cracle.

The measures of the shots vary depending on the strength with which it is made to spin the glass during the opening.

In average the measures are as diameter 3,5 cm

Height 4 / 5 cm