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The Flower MOUNTAIN brand is inspired by creative ideas, the cycles of nature according to the rhythms of the natural world.

Flower Mountain originated from a meeting between Mr. Keisuke Ota from Tokyo and Mr. Yang Chao from Beijing, who discovered that they had a common passion for mountain trekking, music and quite obviously, footwear. They became firm friends and ecided to take a trip to the Mount Fuji Fuji Rock Festival” where they came up with the idea of designing a functional and attractive shoe called Flower MOUNTAIN .
In 2015 they first founded, together with Federica Wang, the Dandelion mountaineering association and later Breath Design co. Ltd Tokyo. They then started designing their first shoe collection. Shoes Bar Beijing and HPF in Tokyo immediately embraced the project and the public responded enthusiastically. In 2016 the Breath Design team joined forces with ShoesBar and the Italian company Falc S.p.A (joint stock company), taking Flower MOUNTAIN to a whole new level and introducing the brand on international markets.
The new team can rightfully claim to have the most advanced technical and production know-how on the market, based on Italian tradition as well as numerous marketing specialists and a widespread international distribution network.

About the Designers:

Yang Chao is 41 years old and is one of the most famous designers in China and co-founder of Flower MOUNTAIN. While living in Bejing in 1998 he started to design and create shoes and became head designer for important Chinese companies and international brands. In 2015 Yang Chao founded Breath Design in Tokyo together with Keisuke Ota, for their Flower MOUNTAIN project.

Keisuke Ota (pseudonym K)
Born and raised in Tokyo Keisuke Ota is 42 years old and loves rock music and Japanese culture. He began his career in 2001 as a self-taught shoe designer, creating many collections for both Japanese and international brands. K is well known for his passion for materials, his original style and attention to detail. He started working with Yang Chao in 2014 and is one of the co-founders of Breath Design Ltd. Tokyo.