Colorful Bag



  • Material: vegetable tanned leather and microfiber
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Closure: zip closure
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Height: 33 cm
  • Depth: 15 cm
  • Handle: adjustable belt handle
  • Lining: lined interior
  • Pockets: one internal pocket and two external pockets


Colorful Bag from the Murano Collection, the Venetian Island famous for its precious Glass

This delightful bag is one of the oldest models, but always in vogue and current thanks to its comfort and efficiency. Characterized by a large and solid handle that emerges from the sinuous curves of the surface and some particularly graceful pockets on the main face. The elaborate handle allows it to be both a handbag and a shoulder bag. Classic and timeless design, this is the secret of a product that never sets.

Classic product of Terrida World that represents not only the Italian Tradition, but also the identity of Venice in the world. Vegetable tanned leather is soft and pleasant.

Plus, this little gem is filled with not only old world charm and modernity, but magic as well. A bag designed and created with such harmony can only give you joy every day.

Colorful Bag Art. LE240M


The knowledge and history of Tuscan artisans led to the study and creation of vegetable tanned leather. As a result, this is a sustainable material of the highest quality, soft and fragrant. The secret of this skin is the use of Tannins. Substances extracted from plant sources such as chestnut and quebracho wood, gall nuts and tara pods.

The peculiarity of Italian artisan production and leather goods is that each item will be different and unique as the leather itself is always a unique product.

Terrida is an artisan leather goods company that produces each item with deep study and love to create original pieces of Italian craftsmanship, made entirely in Italy. First of all, the travel bags that have always had a particular importance. Secondly, backpacks, briefcases and each bag type for everyday life. In addition there is the sports collection, focused on golf and tennis.