Shoes Insole Woman



Thanks to its design it is suitable for every foot (flat, neutral or hollow); it also stimulates the physiological circulation by helping the venous return, thus reducing fatigue and tiredness of feet and legs.


This certified and approved medical footbed is the result of the expertise of a team of podiatrists with over 20 years' experience in treating foot disorders, with the aim of preventing and alleviating inflammation and muscular-articular pain such as: Plantar fasciitis, Calcaneal spur, Talalgia, Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Bursitis, Tendinitis, Morton's Neuroma. Fisio Woman compensates the various parts of the foot by reducing the worsening of: Hallux valg, Hallux rigidus, Hammer toes, Hallux varus/valgus, Hyperpronation, Supination of the foot. Thicknesses: 2.7 mm in the sole; 8 mm in the heel. Main features: Anatomical, Foam cushioning, Aloe additive. Suitable for all types of shoes.