Red Flamingo - Collection Chalice



Murano glass chalice made with the technique of lampworking. Uniting the technical ability to the tradition every chalice will be performed only with the centrifugal force and the manual ability of the artist without any support tools.


The design of this chalice was to make the material rest on itself, like the Flamingo rests its weary neck on itself to relieve its muscles. The procedure of the stemware is totally different from any other chalice. It is necessary to bring the glass to a high temperature until it is almost melted and then it is possible to stretch the glass, which if it exceeds a certain length, needs an assistant to support it. Once the glass has been stretched, the artist then proceeds to create the required shapes and bellies according to gravity. The scope then becomes even more delicate, apparently, but the technique of the artist ensures that by creating specific points of support the leg is born free of tension. The real attraction of this work lies in the fact that the support points are actually detached, the glass does not even touch, but a positive tension is created that gives the glass the opportunity to rest in those strategic points without making it stressed. All chalices have a weight of 100 grams or less and a height ranging from 18 cm to 25 cm.