Patagonia - Collection Chalice



Murano glass chalice made with the technique of lampworking. Uniting the technical ability to the tradition every chalice will be performed only with the centrifugal force and the manual ability of the artist without any support tools.


Patagonia was born as a line composed of two glasses. They are made with a special technique of localization of the flame with respect to the place in which you want to bring out the contrast of the glass itself that staying longer under the flame of 1000 degrees expels desert shades than the starting color. The chalice is made entirely with a single stick, drinker, stem and foot. The artist's mastery lies in heating the chalice at the right moment and in a localized manner, otherwise the piece itself will explode. The weight of this goblet is around 100 grams and varies slightly depending on the inspiration of the artist Aldo Boscolo. All chalices have a weight of 100 grams or less and a height ranging from 18 cm to 25 cm.