Mix Box by Marisa Petti



The box contains:
- 1 piece of Fagnano Honey 100 gr
- 1 piece of Fagnano Honey 50 gr
- 1 piece of Fagnano Honey 30 gr
- 2 pieces of Marisa Saffron Oil 100 ml
- 2 pieces of Maddalena Saffron 0,1 gr
- 2 pieces of Petti Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Fagnano honey is an extraordinary product made by the Petti Family combining two whole natural ingredients:
Maddalena Saffron and Millefiori Honey.
Both the ingredients are genuine, coming from the passion and the skillfulness of expert farmers and professional beekeepers.
The sweetness of Millefiori Honey and the elegant flavor of the Maddalena Saffron stigmas together create a unique product with an incomparable taste.
Fagnano honey is particularly suitable with cheeses,
boiled meats and desserts.
Also very good for infusions and herbal tea.


Marisa Oil is a unique dressing that Petti Family makes with the perfect combination of Petti EVOO, from local varieties, and Maddalena Saffron, the inimitable Saffron Petti family produces in Taburno Valley. Marisa Oil is a high end product, obtained from the saffron stigmas infusion into EVOO, without any additives addition, unfiltered only by a decantation process. Marisa Oil perfectly matches with fish dishes, white meats, fried or grilled vegetables, soups and white first courses (pasta and risotto). Excellent for making oil breads and white pizza with rosemary (focaccia).


Maddalena Saffron is the one that Marisa Petti company makes in the area of the Taburno Valley, in Campania Region, in Southern ltaly. The cultivation is located in the place of Frasso Talesino, inside the Regional Natural Park of Tabumo-Camposauro. In this landscape, the Petti Family is cultivating a pure and genuine Saffron, thanks to the excellent microclimate, in a combination with the family?s full passion and commitment. This is where the Maddalena Saffron comes from.


The production of EVOO at Petti Farm is a family tradition, made in the area of Sant'Agata d_ Goti, in Campania Region. The Petti olive grave is home to approximately 500 olive trees; half of them are secular, from the beginning of the 19th century. The olive varieties are Asprinia, Guardiola e Rovelle red and black. The harvest takes place between the middle of October and the middle of December. The production is traditional with a cold press process to ensure a healthy and genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtaining a final oil full of natural antioxidants with an authentic and enjoyable taste. The Petti EVOO is an high quality product, 100% made in ltaly, in a fancy bottle 500 ml that is suitable for restaurants and delicatessen stores. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil matches with all dishes ranging from white and red meat to vegetables, and from soups to fish.