Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml



Variety of olives: Coratina (from Corato) and Ogliarola

Appearance: medium fluidity. Turbid.

Colour: pale yellow with greenish reflections.

Aroma: fresh olive nectar.

Flavour: harmonious taste, slightly spicy and with artichoke references.


Altitude: 320m above sea level

Cultivation system: vase

Harvest: directly from the plant. Milling within 24h.

Extraction system: cold pressed with a continuous cycle. Max temp. 27° C

Characteristics: fully-tasteful.

Conservation: in a dark and dry place.

How to use it: raw on our typical friselline (toasted bread), pinzimonio, salads, raw and cooked legumes, soups. Perfect on grilled meat or fish or to dress your ragu (tomato sauce).