Braies - Collection Chalice



Murano glass chalice made with the technique of lampworking. Uniting the technical ability to the tradition every chalice will be performed only with the centrifugal force and the manual ability of the artist without any support tools.


This chalice reflects the delicacy of art. It is created by hand without the aid of tools.

Born as a challenge, glass with different densities placed in a non-homogeneous but schematic way, managing to find that subtle balance fundamental to the symmetry of the cup.

The colors used in this work are seawater as a base, chosen for its malleability at the time of fusion and its resistance to the displacement of other colors. The ivory chosen for its hardness that gives the artist the possibility to create points that later will expand without getting lost and again. The seawater covers only the central part of the ivory, making a shaded center that gives depth to the decoration that appears abstract, while in reality it is precisely calculated. The choice of technique comes from a collaboration with the designer Marta Rossetto, and a 'careful knowledge of the chemical and physical glass of the master Aldo Boscolo, who at the beginning of his career had been fascinated by the same for the complicated physical laws that enclose, little exploited by most glassmakers

All chalices have a weight of 100 grams or less and a height ranging from 18 cm to 25 cm.