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SUÈI, an Italian business which operate in the field of fashion and accessories for women, offering to the international market high quality shoes and accessories like gloves, bags, headwear with unique design. The brand name is born from the idea of its designer and founder (that share life between three continents) to design under the slogan “only unique shoes are irreplaceable”.

From this motto said in Italian takes its origin the brand name SUÈI, “solo la Scarpa Unica È Insostituibile”.

The productive layout that SUÈI uses for its product is both flexible and efficient, allowing for the application of innovative ideas, with ongoing research and experimentation in the fields of leather (ex., we use lining leather with ions of silver, fish leather for upper, innovative techniques for leather printing to arrive to a unique turtle shell imitation, for ex.), fabrics and contemporary materials (ex., beech-wooden soles, plexiglass for soles and heels, tread rubber for soles, 100% cashemir for boot legs, natural silk for gloves’ lining, etc.), new styles and types of accessories, in order to offer a concept of unique and sophisticated style and comfort.

SUÈI personally participates in all of the phases of its product development: from concept creations to design, from materials selections to prototyping, through styles selection towards production. Each pair of shoes and gloves, each bag and headwear has its individual impact, thanks also to the skilled workers and a strict quality control system.
Everyday shoe&accessories luxury – this is the ID of the brand. The idea is to give more value and make not banal every single day of a contemporary woman, giving her shoes and accessories of high quality and unique design.

SUÈI offers shoes&accessories of a non-banal design to wear every day in any occasions: work, leisure time, hobby time, events, travelling. SUÈI woman is curious, intelligent, dynamic, modern – timeless woman, woman who know how to turn to the past as well as look to the future. And luckily there is such type of woman in any market. Today SUÈI successfully presents its product to the West European market (Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania), East European market (Russia, Bielorussia, Ucraine, Kazakistan), makes first steps towards Asian market (Corea del Sud, Japan, Hong kong).

All SUÈI products and materials are made and produced in Italy at the best historical fabrics which are the heart and the mind of shoes industry with its absolute and unique know-how, top quality materials, famous craftsmanship that never loose the roots of a shoemaking techniques which draws its traditions from the past, but always looks towards the future.