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Contemporary artisan of fine Knitwear and Beachwear.

Wearing a Lisanza product means experiencing the thrill of a wonderful caress on the skin, the elegance, freshness and comfort of Filo Scozia cotton or the warmth of wool and silk, the delicacy and extreme luxury of pure organzino silk. A feeling that redefines a new concept of body and comfort. We are experts in natural fibers, we work only cottons of excellent quality and value, the softer merino wool in an intimate melee with the finest organzino silk. All this gives our products their unique quality. We are dedicated to the excellence of our products, as excellent are our craftsmanship, from the manual cutting of many components to the seams of our garments up to the meticulous quality control.
A contemporary aesthetic vision and excellence in execution are the guidelines both of the industrial process and of the manual and craftsmanship that are carried out in the historic Lisanzese headquarters. The unique Lisanza models are created here thanks to long-standing production processes, from conception to packaging through the art of weaving, and are all Made in Italy. In fact, we buy the yarn directly from Italian sources and we remove the stains with our frames to give life to products of high mastery and craftsmanship.
With infinite delicacy the circular frames of the atelier weave threads to create refined fabrics. Passion, experience and minutiae transform them into knitwear and underwear with a unique and contemporary style, loved by women all over the world through time and generations.