TARGET PRICE: $ $ $ $ $

The story of the brand starts in one of the most mega diverse countries in the world, Ecuador. In 2018 Ecuadorian creative director and founder after designing the luxury “Train of Ecuador”, a winner of South America’s Leading Luxury Train Award, moves to Italy to reconnect with is mother’s roots and to focus on research and development of a new footwear brand connecting new technologies, craftsmanship and luxury.


Founded by Felipe Fiallo, homonymous Felipe Fiallo brand was shown for the first time in January 2019 during Pitti Uomo in Florence with an up-cycled fashion collection. The same year, Felipe Fiallo brand was launched into the market during Altaroma in Rome with a single [innovative] product – a digitally fabricated boot made out of 600 leftover leather pieces cut by laser imitating a python skin and hand crafted in Italy. It was sold at 3500 $ to the Museum at FIT ( Fashion Institute of Technology), New York. 


Felipe Fiallo is a brand of creativity and style for forward thinking consumers that combines biology, digital fabrication and luxury. Felipe Fiallo updates the “Made in Italy” operating in the footwear sector and creating a new conscious lifestyle products to export Italian quality, global vision and Latin American spirit. 


In 2020, Felipe won ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award gaining working experience in Salvatore Ferragamo as a Footwear Designer. Ferragamo permitted him to grow as a professional and opened doors to the luxury business and expanded his know-how through an extensive archive of Salvatore. While working there, Felipe Fiallo was selected by Vogue Italy as Top 5 Trends of Sustainable Sneakers in 2021. 


Felipe Fiallo brand has a high recognition from the media being featured in L’officiel, Vogue, Bazaar and Forbes. In 2022 the brand won MICA Emerging Designers together with the opportunity to present in MICAM Milano in September 2022 where the first eco-futuristic collection was launched into the market.

Our Vision

Lifestyle. Transparency. Global Expansion

Creating a lifestyle brand which transcends physical and digital frontiers, through the growing green community and worldwide buyers. The brand will encourage material open-sourcing and online workshops to educate and promote its corporate transparency toward a more responsible future. 

Our Mision

Innovation. Sustainability. Community

Felipe Fiallo aims to cross-combine digital fabrication & biology, with futuristic aesthetics focused on corporate responsibility and unconventional designs. The brand extoll a loyal base of consumers based on sustainable purchasing and psychological belongingness, as a resultant of the digital hype and innovative marketing campaigns.