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Candice Cooper
Joie de vivre, light-heartedness and dynamism are the values that have inspired Candice Cooper since 2006, the year that the Brand was created and which, since 2020 has become part of the Falc S.p.A. group. The common and transversal feature of the collections is the Italian nature of the design associated with the quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship of the work. Throughout the seasons, the brand has remained faithful to its original identity with strong ties to the Italian tradition, identified with the logo of the cicada, symbol of life and warm Mediterranean summers.

TIMELESS STYLE Candice Cooper collections are versatile, chic and timelessly elegant. "ROCK", the hero product, is a timeless icon that returns every season with new colours and materials, retaining its unchanged appeal.

CREAFTMANSHIP Each Candice Cooper shoe is the result of unique craftsmanship and guarantees unparalleled softness of materials and absolute comfort.
The exclusive buffering process typical of the Italian leather goods tradition is carried out by skilled craftsmen.

WELL-BEING All Candice Cooper shoes have a removable ergonomic leather insole that incorporates a layer of active carbon to ensure optimal moisture management and maximum comfort.

DOLCE VITA Candice cooper mixes comfort and functionality with a timeless style that echoes the carefree and fashionable atmosphere of the dolce vita.

Inspired by a sporty and sophisticated mood, the Candice Cooper Spring/Summer 23 collection is
an ode to colour and craftsmanship. A variety of models for those seeking a unique yet
clean design, a chic and contemporary style.